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Social Media

Social Media Management, or the management of all your businesses social profiles, from Facebook, to Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and often more, is a full time engagement. Often an entrepeneur does not have the time to manage the myriad of profiles by themselves. Outsourcing the management of your social media is the smart way to go about growing your social media prescence.

The Challenge

Growing your social media presence takes time, patience and consistency. Alchemist’s proven track record in growing social media profiles makes it the one and only destination that you will need. Take that step now to grow your business massively utilising our proven expertise over 10 years.

The Solution

When you hand over the creation and management of your social media profiles to us, we will establish a plan with you on what is a reasonable forecast for growth and the budget required. With this, we will then develop and execute a solid and consistent plan on the number and frequency of posts to your profiles. Over time the results will speak for themselves.



“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur”
Red Adair


SM Advertising

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  • Expert Strategy Development
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SM Management

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  • Expert Strategy Development
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  • Customer Creating Interaction
  • Guaranteed Social Growth
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Content Marketing

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  • Dedicated Campaign Manager
  • In-House Journalists & Copywriters
  • Advice on Website Blog Integration
  • News & Evergreen Content
  • SEO Optimised

Content Driven SM

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  • The Ultimate Package
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